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Thread: Nothing is off topic here..

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    Nothing is off topic here..

    Is what the Lounge sub-title says..

    Yet, my last post was removed because some people complained..So much for Free Speech in America.

    So, Admins...WTF don't you modify the title since obivously not everything IS "off topic" here.

    And BTW, why not put up another sub-title that says "As long as your post conforms to our Pro-Right Wing/Republican stance your post will be visible"

    Sheesh...I feel so ashamed for any American who supports censorship.

    Good bye.

    I'll be in a FEMA camp in SD once the Nazi's come get me after the Iran Invasion...
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    What are you talking about? Politics? Religion?
    Something else that stirs 'it' up in a Forum and causes arguments and ill will ?
    I think there are enough places out there that thrive on such negative producing topics without dragging Free-DC into the muck, don't you think?...
    If you were hoping for a fight, this wasn't the place to find one.

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    Nothing is off topic here..
    I to saw your post just before it was removed
    To tell you the truth I found it rather harsh and one sided
    And As IB said This is not really forum for Politics or Religion

    You could make a more of a change By focusing your efforts more into the Political arena
    Then in a DC forum

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    I saw your post also, China, and I agreed with most of it. However, I was a bit disturbed to see it here. This is a forum for people who share interests in computers, software, and DC projects. These are the things that bring us together. When anyone posts highly-charged statements about religion or politics, it is certain to offend someone (in fact, that is the whole purpose) and serves only to divide us.
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