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Thread: Getting started in Linux

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    Getting started in Linux

    I want to help out with P-1 factoring, since sr2sieve has a fairly high chance of produces factors that are way to high.
    I have found a tutorial, but it is clearly for windows users, could someone explain how to get started in Linux?
    (The other thread I have found, turned out to be on hoe to use the normal SoB client in linux, I want to do P-1.)

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    Get mprime here.

    Reserve your range.

    Take the appropriate lines out of the file attached to the reservation post, and paste them into a file called worktodo.ini in your mprime directory.

    Run a console and start ./mprime -m

    Put in your options ( more memory, screen output every... and so on)

    select Start test.

    I wrote that from memory, if you run into trouble, call for help again. This guide is not yet for multicore CPU; for multicore, you better get the latest version 25.6, and you need to put your work into the two or more Workthreads, inside the file worktodo.txt. I have no multicore computer with Linux.

    Sievers of all projects unite! You have nothing to lose but some PRP-residues.

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    OK, now I want to use this on a quadcore machine as well, and I have 4 workerthreads, but only one of them is actually running, how can I increase this?
    OK, nevermind I have found it somewhere else:
    Add lines like this in between the worktodo.ini for every workerthread:
    [Worker #1]
    [Worker #2]

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    I have a question about the Linux and the Windows client:
    When I use the client from the SoB Project, it starts with P-1. After finishing this without a factor, it starts with prp for the same candidate. How can I use this when I put the candidates in the worktodo.txt manualy?
    Using "Pfactor" only leads to P-1 and is never followed by a prp test.

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