I've been working on this somewhat last few days..not made it live yet so it's still only in stats4. Just a few css issues to clear up I think.

What's available if you look at any page in stats4 is a field for user and a field for team along with checkboxes for 'Exact match' and 'Cross project'.

Team overrides name.

If you search from any page where there is a proj=xxx in the url and don't tick 'cross project' it will search within that project ONLY.

It's not using a fulltext index so if 'exact' is not checked it will add a % to the end of the string to search for.

This means if you enter 'Bok' it will search across projects for anything beginning Bok%.

If yo uare going across projects it will also search in the combined boinc data too so for example http://stats4.free-dc.org/stats.php?...xact=N&cross=Y

shows every project where the teamname is Free-DC including DPAD where it is Free-DC.org.

There are hyperlinks on most of the columns. Project rank links to the users or teams page respectively with a corresponding offset.