This is Lee. I will restore most of our severs at Riesel Sieve in the near future. 'Near Future' doesn't mean now...tomorrow...or two days from now. It may mean this weekend if I have the energy, time, and equipment/supplies to bring us back online. I regret the sudden suspension of our project with no notice. It was caused by forces outside my control and our project remained down until certain issues were taken care of. The last few weeks has only been laziness on my part and Bryan shouldn't be blamed for any of it. I look forward to restoring this project to its once former glory and I appreciate all the support and help each of you have given Riesel Sieve over the years. I apologize for the continued downtime since there is no valid reason beyond time and simple laziness for non-restoration from this point forward. I ask for patience but don't expect any...I would pretty jumpy too if I were in your place.

Look for servers to be up in the 'Near Future'

Lee Stephens
Riesel Sieve