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Thread: Rally Sept. 5th-7th

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    Rally Sept. 5th-7th

    Quote Originally Posted by gd_barnes View Post
    To all,

    We're planning another rally this weekend from Sept. 5th at 7 PM GMT to Sept. 7th at 7 PM GMT (3 PM EDT / 12 PM PDT U.S.)

    What we're thinking is that we could split our resources up amongst ports 300, 400, and 5000. With drive 1 up to nearly the same range as drive 3, I think it makes sense to put equal priority on both.

    To keep things equalized, I'm going to suggest that we divide up all cores equally amongst the 3 main severs with a slight bias towards port 400, which currently has the lowest n-range for the 1st drive.

    If you can't run our usual project servers and wish to run your own, let us know how many cores you'll be running and we'll send you a range just for the rally.
    Let's rock those ranges!
    Quote Originally Posted by Anonymous View Post
    As requested, here's a chart where we can keep track of all the different cores participating and which servers they're on, for load balancing purposes:
    User          Cores    Range preference        Server
    Anonymous     2 fast   400<k<=1001/300<k<400   IB400/IB5000
    em99010pepe   4 fast   400<k<=1001             C443
    gd_barnes    40 fast   400<k<=1001/300<k<400   IB400(14)/AES300(13)/IB5000(13)
    Lennart      24 fast   400<k<1001/300<k<400    IB400(8)/AES300(8)/IB5000(8)
    Mini-Geek     2 slow   400<k<=1001             IB400
    Total on AES300: 21
    Total on C443: 4
    Total on IB400: 25
    Total on IB5000: 22
    Here's a list of all the servers that we plan to have running during the rally:

    Range: 300<k<400
    Port: 5000
    Maintained by: IronBits

    Range: 400<k<=1001
    Port: 400
    Maintained by: IronBits

    Range: 400<k<=1001
    Port: 300
    Maintained by: AES

    Range: 400<k<=1001
    Port: 443
    Maintained by: em99010pepe
    Special note: This server's Drive #1 work will probably run out approximately by Sunday. After that, it has some work for k=289, part of our upcoming 4th Drive, loaded into it; however, that range is not included in this rally, so unless you're part of Carlos's special server-cleanup squad, you probably won't want to run this server during this rally.

    To all: If you plan on participating in this rally, please post in this thread specifying how many cores you plan to bring, and which server(s) you plan to put them on! This practice has helped us significantly in past rallies with load balancing and the like.

    Have a great rally!


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    The stats-page for the race from 2008/09/05 is online now:

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