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Thread: How to add my Folding@Home stats

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    How to add my Folding@Home stats


    I tried to put my project id into the field, but the stats shows 0, are there any dely between the free-dc and fah servers?


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    You have to put the id that is in use in the stats themselves.

    For instance for F@H, if I search for you I see you as part of the China Folding@Home team and your individual user page would be

    So the id to put into statstool is whatever comes after name=

    in this case - droople3213

    The reason being for F@H is that they do not have unique id's so I try to make them unique by adding the teamid to them..

    Let me know if that works and if you need more help.


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    Fantastic, it's working now.

    Thanks a lot~~~

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