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Thread: Crunching outside not such a bad idea

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    Crunching outside not such a bad idea

    I told my dad about it and he claimed humidity would be a problem. I politely informed him that breathing causes more of an increase in humidity than he thinks.

    He's never had a lot of faith in me. His loss.

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    I ran PC's outside for years.

    'Folding Shed' was full of Athlon XP's.
    Machines didn't come to any harm.

    Only thing i would say is to keep them running.
    If you have a HOT PSU that you shut down in low ambient temps then power it up again a few minutes later then condensation would most likely blow it up.

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    You better watch out jasong I hold a patient on the worlds Largest Outside Home Pharm
    What where you planing on using to hold your Pharm A Big doghouse

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    Been there, done that, got arrested and systems seized as a likely spy or internet hacker for it!! And I've still got "Police" "Evidence, Do not handle" stickers to prove it!!!
    That's a joke but actually happened and any old Anthill followers could probably confirm it.
    Seriously though, it is an old idea Jasong and can work as long as you take some basic precautions and avoid condensation and any wetness for that matter. I remember somebody at the (H) who lived in Alaska or somewhere cold like that in winter writing about it some years ago when freezer type systems were starting to take off.
    Like an ol` 8086, slow but serviceable.
    One advantage of old age...nobody can tell you how much cake you can eat

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