CUDA 2.1 BETA/180.60

This showed up on nVIDIA's web site under the CUDA section:

NVIDIA Driver for Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit with CUDA Support (180.60)

The CUDA support that they speak of is for CUDA 2.1 BETA.

Reports over at Guru3D forum compared the new driver to the 180.70's.
Heads up, the PhysX 8.10.13 is not in the driver download package, but, it can be downloaded here.

From PC Perspective
nVIDIA's new driver revision, 180, offers some nice benefits to those who install it. SLI on multiple monitors is much easier now, with the software allowing you to choose which display gets the SLI, as opposed to completely disabling monitors and playing with plugs. PhsyX support is also made a little easier, so you can easily choose which nVIDIA card will run your graphics and which will handle the physics processing.

AnandTech walks you through all of it here