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Thread: New Year's Resolutions thread

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    New Year's Resolutions thread

    I did a search on New Year's Resolutions on Free-DC Forum and didn't find anything, so I'm officially starting one. Feel free to add your own stuff.

    My New Year's Resolution is to take advantage of the super awesome benefits of taking Invega(basically Risperdol with the useless mirror of the useful molecule taken out[means you can take more and have fewer side effects with any given dosage]) and begin what I like to refer to as an Open Source education.

    I intend to attempt to find a way to educate myself through the use of online materials and the inevitable future popularity of e-books. I am going to set up a routine to learn the necessary skills in things like Physics, high-level Mathematics(I only have a full education up to the 10th grade, so I don't know the terms to describe the stuff I want to learn), computer programming and whatever else seems appropriate.

    I will begin by requesting the advice of the people in the Fedora Linux Forum, and possibly, since both sites seem to have values that I strongly desire to emulate.

    (If the following is considered inappropriate for this Forum, I apologize, and will not protest if it's deleted)

    I'm sure I'm going to offend some people with my interpretation of the term Open Source, but I believe crowd-sourcing is one of the best way to solve the world's problems, with patents being something that simultaneously makes a small number of people rich while robbing most of the benefits that ALL should have. Assuming one isn't horribly lazy, it SHOULD(key word here) be reasonably easy to earn enough money to survive.

    The world we live in is absolutely insane. but no one seems to care. The school's fail to teach us what we truly need to know while feeding us with crap that is of no benefit to us. For example, we have been taught that inflation is an inevitable aspect of an economy, when the truth is that precious metals tends to consistently be the best measure of labor. In other words, after allowing for things like technological advances, you can purchase the same amount of hard work for an ounce of gold as you could 10,20,30,50,100,1000+ years ago. When the Bible talks about rejecting "diverse weights and measures," it is talking about the evils of paper money. We, meaning most of the people of the world, are being robbed of our substance through voluntary(we're told, even though we HAVE to volunteer, which is crazy) payroll taxes, which is immoral according to Matthew 17:24-27(the Temple tax verses). In the US, there are people that actually believe that it is a civic duty to pay taxes, ignoring the fact that a truly prosperous nation shows a strong preference for allowing it's citizens to be as autonomous as possible, only stepping in when it is truly necessary.

    Freedom is not for idiots or lazy people, it is the responsibility of the citizens of individual countries to do whatever they can to keep their governments in check. The most evidence of this, from my point of view, is the situation in the US with George W. Bush. Depending on the behaviour of Barack Obama when he enters office, it is possible that I may consider it a moral obligation to enter politics as a protester, to attempt to avert this horrible course our country has been on for more than 80 years, beginning(in my opinion) with the Federal Reserve Act, which, whether legal or illegal, has been used to perpetuate the persecution of American citizens for too long.

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    My resolution is very simple, to stay alive this year

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    That's pretty much mine, that and no to kill any members of my "beloved" family...
    To try and visit a few people..
    Semi-retired from Free-DC...
    I have some time to help.....
    I need a new laptop,but who needs a laptop when you have a phone...

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    Finish my thesis.
    Undo the damage caused by the gluttony of christmas.
    Stop relying on other people, stand on my own regarding my life.
    Go on a random trip with someone new.
    Learn a new language to conversational level.

    I think that's enough. 1,2,5 are easily achievable. 3,4 we'll see

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    I should add, to get better at speaking/reading Spanish and sign language.

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    Stay alive, keep the wife in the best of health and wealth.
    Balance medication with need for wellness, not just take it and miss out on everyday life.
    Be less bad tempered, frustrated and sheer ornery when or if I can't be on top form and do everything I want and need to.
    Accept help from those who somehow still like me when I'm being cuss-ed without being too embarrassed to ask or accept.
    Live in hope the human race will eventually be at peace with themselves and the creatures we share this world with.
    And finally, catch up on my letter and email writing after letting everything go to the dogs to complete my very last project.
    Best wishes to all Free-DC'ers for the New Year, the finest bunch of guys and gals it has ever been my privilege to be a member of.
    Like an ol` 8086, slow but serviceable.
    One advantage of old age...nobody can tell you how much cake you can eat

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