I seem to have a tendency to cause people to badly misunderstand me when I speak on certain topics.

I'd just like to say that I don't intend to harm anyone on here. I don't think like other people. Even before I became mentally ill, I was a strange person. I get fixated on stuff constantly, and I never know what it's going to be. (I've been known to badly scare people when it happens in conversations, when I'll seem to go into a trance and start chanting. I can tell it freaks people out, but in that moment I can't seem to access the part of my brain involving free will.)

Anyway, I really love this community, and even though I'm handicapped and might always(hopefully not) be dependent on some sort of help in my life, I don't choose to harm people or be a drain on society, and I hope someday I can repay the multi-faceted debt I've incurred by the various people who've been willing to tolerate and befriend me, online and off.

Oh, and lastly, no one has hurt my feelings or made me feel bad. I just thought it would be a good idea to post this.