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    My best is 127 WPM with 99.3% accuracy. Average of 115 WPM over 5 races.

    An excellent pastime for those of us contributing to Whatpulse.

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    Averaging around 70-75wpm. I'm not much of a typist, I'm afraid. I know that I should be typing 'p' with my pinky, but I always go for it with my ring finger.

    Still, a fun game to improve your typing, I suppose. And it plays well with WhatPulse too! (Am going to get in to the top 100K if it kills me :P)

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    Well I'm a bit out of practice! Back in high school (5 years ago), I was pushing 139wpm with under 3 errors per paragraph. Now I'm averaging ~91wpm with 97.5% accuracy. I'll get it back up over 100wpm dern it!
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