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Thread: End of D2OL on April 15, 2009

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    End of D2OL on April 15, 2009;f=1;t=000340

    Dear D2OL Community,

    On April 15, 2009, the D2OL distributed computing project will officially end operations.

    As this chapter in the history of The Rothberg Institute comes to a close, we wanted to
    take the opportunity to extend a sincere note of thanks to you, our indcredibly dedicated
    members who have driven every aspect of this project. We also want to take a few
    moments to reflect on what we have accomplished and to touch on how the project's results,
    thanks to your committed efforts, will be leveraged by The Rothberg Institute in the future.

    As most of you know, this project set out to develop a viable platform for enabling users from
    around the globe to use their personal computers (whether PCs, Linux or Unix boxes, etc.) to
    compute the interactions of small molecule drug candidates with target molecules that
    likely play prominent roles in specific human disease pathways, including those involved in SARS,
    Avian Flu, and Smallpox. In the more than seven years that the project has been active, our members
    have returned results for over 150 million drug candidate-disease target tasks, utilizing over
    3000 years' worth of CPU time in the process!

    With the computational results available to us, we turn our attention toward harvesting the best
    possible candidates from this data
    set and focusing our efforts in the laboratory in order to accomplish our original goal: finding
    effective real-world treatments for orphan diseases.

    As we move forward, we will maintain our list of active and past members who have committed
    so much time and energy to this project, and we plan to update you periodically on the progress
    that we're making in the lab. Your efforts have been invaluable in moving us into position
    to take this next important step, and we truly appreciate the contributions that you have made.

    We hope that you have enjoyed participating in this project as much as we have. For all that
    you have done, thank you!

    The Rothberg Institute Staff

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    First I thought this is 1st of April.
    But you can see this message at official client.
    wbr, Me. Dead J. Dona \

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