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Thread: GPUGRID server outage.

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    GPUGRID server outage.

    Does anyone know what happen to GPUGRID?
    They have been missing in action for 3-4 days now.
    No web server and no work servers. They just vanished.

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    News from Gianni (GPUGRID admin)

    "Gianni De Fabritiis" wrote:
    Hi, happy Easter. In perfect timing, it seems that we had a power cut and the server is down. I am not sure if we can bring it up before Tuesday morning. We will be probably change the deadlines so people will be able to get credits.

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    Website is back and the upload/download servers at least are working. Haven't got new work yet though..


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    Just sent my old work up and received new work.
    Looks like there completely back up and operational.
    Thanks for the info everyone.

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