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Thread: Woohoo half a million

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    Woohoo half a million

    These GPUs certainly rip up the credit in BOINC. I wish more projects used them.

    If you are looking to buy a GPU card go for nVidia still as they really do kick ass.
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    OK, but Nvidia are a bit expensive and I prefer ATI so can I get best value current Nvidia for reasonable price or also is impossible to run ATI and Nvidia as separate cards in same comp?
    PS3 on way soon so mebbe need help with that and PS2 if usable 24x7 New I7 on hold till I finish the last one (gotta hide some of the expenses for parts) and other I7s still tied up till I figure if Xeon dual 55XX is doable (to get past her indoors), so 2 possible extra units on way sometime. Takes me a lot longer to build stuff nowadays as time is at a premium cos I can't give up on voluntary and too many family still need support.
    Like an ol` 8086, slow but serviceable.
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