Who can join:

If you are not already on a team, then we can provide you a home with all the comforts of the large teams. You can make your voice heard while enjoying the luxury of a complete DC community. While we seek unaffiliated members, anyone can join any of our Distributed Computing teams.

If you have ever thought about joining a team, then you have found a home here. If you are not happy where you are now, then we welcome you.

What Free-DC does for you:

We provide all the team services you need:
  • A team you can join
  • A fully operational Forum
  • The best stats on the planet
  • An IRC channel where you can chat
  • A stress-free place to enjoy Distributed Computing
We are the community for the non-aligned. If you run a Distributed Project and are seeking a team to join, please join us.

What Projects do we support:

All of them. If you choose to run a project, we have a team already in place for you to join.

How do I join Free-DC:

By joining any of our Teams, you become a member of Free-DC. We suggest you register yourself on this forum and visit us in our IRC Channel.

Where are the IRC Channels:

irc.Free-DC.org port 6667

Who is behind Free-DC:

The founders are five veterans of the DC wars. They left Ars Technica to start the ultimate DC community. They are:

Marc, IronBits, Dyyryath, JTrinkle, and ColinT