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Thread: Scoring system?

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    Scoring system?

    I've not paid much attention to how the scoring system for the sieveing really is calculated, but I've seen people get a "change in score" when a found factor enters the "(main) active window".

    The reason I wonder about this, is that I have some factors that some weeks ago where about to enter this window, and I've waited quite some time to see this potential change in score happen (at last getting "paid"), but alas, today the active window had moved past my factors, and I got nothing.

    I wonder why I did not get any "payment", as I've waited almost halve a year for this change in score.


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    I see that the SOB sieve stats is only partly updated today. Some of the pages show the window as starting at n=16947557, while other pages show the window as starting at n=17221294. I guess that your factors between n=17166358 and n=17199068 will be properly granted the earned score on the next proper sob sieve stats update

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    Seems like I lost this time.. the fun in distributed computing just disappeared


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    If you use PrimeGrid ( to do your SoB sieving (sub-project PSP Sieve), you get BOINC credit for every work unit processed, not just the work units that find factors. It also keeps track of how many factors you find, but it doesn't seem to have a way to find out whether the factor you found is a Seventeen or Bust factor or a Prime Sierpinski Project factor.

    In related news, the sieve should get a small spike in the effort, as PrimeGrid's next challenge series project is a 24-hour PSP Sieve challenge starting 18:00 UTC on 11/13.


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    Something a bit strange has happened here.

    The PC that runs the sieving stats was offline from 5th - 21st Oct. In that time, the active window moved by more than 200K, the botom of the window moved from 16947557 to 17221294. This means that anything in the range 17147557 - 17221294 didn't get a score uplift.

    Looks like your collection of factors all fell into this range.

    I'll have a look tomorrow and do a manual update to sort it out.
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    MikeH, that's good news


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