First create a prover account

In the email you get it should give you an url with a direct link to your account.
Dont panic if you get lost on the site.
Go here
Find your name and you will get a link to the page you need for prime submission.
BTW surnames are used in the search
Once you are at your page then proceed to stage 2.
Also you might want to add the page to your favourites.

Second create a new proof code
Look for the create a new proof code button.
Select LLR, it will turn blue.
In the box with none in it, remove none and add the following.
srsieve, 1820
You will see it turns the 1820 into FreeDCPrimeSearch.
Your code should credit
yourself Srsieve FreeDCPrimeSearch LLR

Third enter primes using the new proof code.
You will now have a proof code button LXXX.
Click on it and enter your password.

In the empty box enter a prime, or 2 if your lucky, one per line.


click submit
You will probably get a warning, dont worry mostly it is just because the prime wont be in the database for long.
It tells you how many weeks estimated it will be in the top 5000.
Continue with submission.

If you see added xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.
All has gone well.

If you see xxxxxxxxxxx Already in Database
It means the prime has already been submitted, you just confirmed it as prime.

Report the prime on this forum.
There are threads for each drive.

People report primes in different ways see below.

For a new prime
Any of the below

7205*2^548658-1 New Prime
7205*2^548658-1 Added to Database

You might also want to add the number of digits
7173*2^529338-1 (159351 digits)

Maybe add a link to the top 5000 database entry.
Added 90833 : 7357*2^539949-1 (162545 digits)

For a prime already in databse
7205*2^548658-1 Already in Database
7205*2^548658-1 Confirmed Prime