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Thread: Points not awarded for factors found.

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    Points not awarded for factors found.

    Did I do something wrong?
    I completed some ranges the other day and found 3 factors and when I submitted them all separately (since they were in 3 different reserved ranges) the conformation was that I found 2 SOB and 1 PSP factor.
    I have recieved credit for the PSP factor but not for the SOB factors.

    Here are the ranges that found SOB factors in them.
    SOB user name: RazorFXII (id=15802)
    PSP user name: Razor_FX_II

    70840400 70841400 1 combined Complete December 3, 2009 December 7, 2009
    70841400 70842400 1 combined Complete December 3, 2009 December 7, 2009

    I can submit them again if needed.

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    I have the primes recorded as being submitted through the sieve co-ordination site but I can't see any scores on the stats

    Might be that they haven't worked their way through the SoB system yet...

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    As Matt saw the factors submitted properly, you probably did everything right. The stats for SoB sieve are a bit confusing at first because you do not get score for factors before they are needed. I'm guessing your factors were for candidates with n>25M. In that case they are "in the bank" and you'll get paid (with interrest) as soon as they are relevant for the project.

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    Ok, thanks guys.
    I'll get this figured out one of these days...

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    Hmm.., Still not acknowledging that I return those results.
    I think there is a problem somewhere. I would think a week since I submitted the factors would be long enough to work through the system.
    Previous times that I have submitted SOB Sieve factors, I received credit within 48 hours.
    Does anyone know how to contact the admin of SOB Sieve?

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    Just looking in the main factors file (available to anyone)

    There are 5 factors credited to your ID, but only 2 are below 30M, so those are the only ones that show up right now. You are recorded as the finder of the others, so when I extend beyond 30M, you will receive credit (provided that k hasn't had a prime found before then).

    12959816559909061 24737 35161327
    12961413951067171 67607 12951611
    70048607496134107 55459 22042138
    70841351294543671 24737 46033927
    70841732445499261 21181 46958468

    Hope that helps.

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    I've stopped manual sieving months ago and I am still receiving points which were found three years ago.

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    Ok, I'll just sit back and relax then.
    I guess I don't understand why theres this extend over 30M thing and why contributers wait on credit until factors are used.
    Why factors are not being used as soon as they are produced doesn't make sense to me, but all these sieve and prime projects are pretty confusing to me so I'll just keep plugging along and hope I do some good for the projects.

    Thanks for the explanations and help.

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