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Thread: The "Where I'm at" thread

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    The "Where I'm at" thread

    I'm sure at least a few of you have noticed that, though I'm consistently crunching, I don't come here very often. I've made this thread to tell everyone what's going on. If anyone wants to add their own "where I'm at" stories, feel free. That's why I picked the title.

    I'm wanting to buy a graphics card to participate in projects being developed for GPUs, it's probably going to be an ATI card. People have told me that ATI cards suck on Linux, so I'm going to install Windows XP on a separate computer which will only be used for gaming and distributed computing. Unfortunately, I'm very nervous about my money, so until I get a new job and am in that job long enough to where I'm pretty sure I'm keeping it, I'm not going to make the purchase.

    As for why I'm not on the Forums, I'm highly addicted to the game of Runescape so that's my new way of killing time. I'm still fully loyal to Free-DC, which I guess simply means that's where all my points will go, and intend to continue crunching for the foreseeable future.

    Hope everyone's doing well, HAND(my new favorite acronym, since the word is a total coincidence)

    Edit: I'm slydevil74 in the game, used to be biguglydude3, but some of my clanmates were disturbed by that name, so I changed it to slydevil74.(I was born in '74) biguglydude and biguglydude2 were already taken, biguglydude1 wasn't taken but I was getting frustrated trying to pick a name so didn't check that at the time.
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