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    Lightbulb Category stats and teams

    In the humble opinion of this marketing consultant, it would really help your project if the stat page could be upgraded so people can belong to category teams. These wouldn't replace current teams but simply add a little more spice of competition to this project. Category teams would be set up so you can choose which team in a category (if any) you'd like to join. You join it and all your stats transfer to that team. When you then do a check of your stats, all the stats of category teams you belong to would also be presented at that time. Some categories can be fun, such as:

    PCs users vs. Macs users
    Star Trek fans vs. Star Wars fans
    Batman fans vs. Superman fans

    And some can really ignite some serious competition and even generate publicity for the project. One such category would very likely be universities ... where each university competes against others. Done properly, this will end up enlisting these institutions and their alumni, booster businesses, and even surrounding communities. You can then have sub-categories such as Ivy League, Canadian Universities, Big Ten, Religious Colleges, Military Academies, etc. And you can and should even set up categories for each university so their colleges, departments, faternities/sororities, majors, etc. can compete against each other. Then there's global faternities and sororities that you can set up a category for them to compete against each other.

    You can also set it up along national lines and then states/provinces within each nation. Some states are highly competitive with each other so simply let them have their own sub-category, such as North Dakota vs. South Dakota, New York vs. California, etc.

    And you can do this with business categories, such as Computer Makers (IBM vs. Dell vs. Gateway vs. etc.), Fast Food Chains (McDonald's vs. Burger King vs. KFC vs. etc.), Soda Companies (Coke vs. Pepsi vs. RC Cola vs. Jolt vs. etc.), hospitals, militaries (and branches within each), etc. Not only could you possibly get these companies to enroll their company computers, but you could very likely get their employees and loyal customers as well.

    Now you don't need to come up with all these categories. You only need to set up a stat system that enables you to do this and let folders suggest which they'd like to see. You then choose ones you'd find acceptable and ... PRESTO! ... a little more spice is added to this project. Additionally, it would be an acceptable excuse to send folders an monthly email telling what new category teams has been set up and provide a link for them to easily browse all the categories and join the ones that interest them. And last but definitely not least, it would give the press more fodder for articles.

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    we could have the schizophrenics vs. the catatonics........

    no the schitzos would out number them

    but I get the Idea, and in all honesty it is a good Idea

    I like the Idea alot

    mature vs. immature

    rich vs. poor

    this could add some great fun

    wonder what it would take to make it happen?
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