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Thread: Ides of March Primegrid Challenge

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    Ides of March Primegrid Challenge

    A 24 hour Challenge is being offered on PrimeGrid's Prime Sierpinski Project/Seventeen or Bust (Sieve) application. Looking forward to a hearty boost for our project here

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    I have some PrimeGrid SoB WU's running that should be done just in time to switch over and participate in the challenge. If some other Free-DC'ers want to participate as well, I can put some more resources towards the challenge and see if we can't get a respectable showing in the team results.

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    This PSP/SoB (Sieve) Challenge almost doubled the output of the last one with just over p=1.01P sieved in the 24 hours of the Challenge. Over 336K tasks were returned resulting in almost 10M cobblestones awarded.

    Over 400 factors were found. At this sieve depth (~70P), that's an excellent accomplishment. 169 teams and 1299 individuals participated in the Challenge.

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    Definately more participation and more computing horsepower this challenge compared to just four months ago. I put 50% more computing power towards the challenge compared to last time, and I ended up around 40 places lower in the standings. An awesome boost to both projects!

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