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Thread: Split page to save time/money

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    Split page to save time/money

    What do you think about this... the /cgi-bin/trajstore page is currently about 92k. ~40k of that is just the select boxes that allow you to change teams and change country/states. A tremendous amount of bandwidth/time could be saved if that screen was split off into a seperate administration screen. Besides, the number of teams is only going to grow over time, and that page will become quite cumbersome.

    Just a thought


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    great idea

    i've noticed another page that you could add a warning page too as well. put a "are you sure you want to load this list" page right before you load that massive "Players without teams" page. due to the way IE loads pages, it looks like the list isn't even loading, so i bet a lot of people who hit that page hit it a few times before seing the list. big waste of BW.

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    We will keep this in mind for next time we re-vamp the site.
    Howard Feldman

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