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    This summer I will likely be supervising a summer student to help with my PhD research. We need to make a web based application/site/interface that physicians can log into on the intranet to check the results of our research. I will have software running that will try to predict medical outcomes/diseases based on the data I am collecting, and so I need a way for them to see the current state of the predictions like (Patient A: Disease A = High Disease B = Low).

    At the same time we need a second interface for patients to log into so they can check on the status. This will be a much simpler interface that has some information about the prediction of the diseases, what those diseases are, and the physician will be the one using the physician's interface to create the account and set up what the patient can see.

    I'm used to writing low-level algorithms but have never really done any web programming before. Does anyone have any suggestions for what kind of web platforms/languages/tools that might be useful to implement this kind of thing? The backend/server will likely be running on a Windows 64bit system, but should also be possible to run on non-Windows systems as well. The users should be able to use whatever browser on any OS.

    Ideally I/he wouldn't have to write this from scratch either, does anyone know of any web development packages that already implement things like user accounts, login, information presentation? I figure that my non-web app that is doing the predictions could either write data to a database or even just generate some HTML or data in a file that could be pulled in by the web application.

    Comments, suggestions?


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    php/mysql based I would say.

    Perhaps look at Drupal as a CMS ?

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