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    stats page

    On the stats page there is this line
    Minimum size of next prime - 1919547 digits
    Where does this figure come from?
    From the test range stats page the smallest pending test appears to be 21181*2^14141611+1 which is 4257054 digits.

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    I don't know where that figure comes from, but I believe that the "smallest pending test" is exactly what the name implies. There may be smaller numbers to test yet--they just haven't been assigned to a machine for testing yet. (at least that's how I understand it)

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    The figure of 21181*2^14141611+1 comes from the 2nd stats page where it is described as an "n upper bound".

    n Upper Bound: The largest value of n for which it is known that no primes exist for multipliers less than n. In other words, all multipliers less than or equal to n have been tested either by Seventeen or Bust or by other members of the Sierpinski search community.

    Which implies that it is the minimum possible size of the next prime.

    The only suggestion I have is that the figure of 1919547 digits represents the upper limit of completeness of double testing.

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