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Thread: Quick questions on updates.

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    Quick questions on updates.


    I'm using Prime95 vs 25.11. when the Client reports to server according to the interval i have entered in prime.txt, Will the credit be updated at the same time? Or is it a case that all credit per WU is awarded when a WU is 100% completed and returned.

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    Credit is applied as soon as the client updates. (However if you don't finish the WU or if a double-check finds an error, the credit will eventually be subtracted from your total.)

    You should be able to see your credit graphs at

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    One other oddity that I've noticed is that if you move your work unit from another IP address, credit will be given but will not be shown on one's daily numerical statisitics but merged with the overall portion of the statistics. So one may perceivably receive no credit for days (until that work unit is complete and new work is requested directly from the server) but overall and average work done will be updated accordingly on a daily basis.

    It took a while to figure this out for me. I finally got access to an old WU (yes, it's over a year old, I'm ashamed to have, for the first time, been listed on the wall of shame and had moved it to a machine that could get it done in days as the other had become a virtual zombie (average activity fell to 2 hr/w even though it is a C2D). Now I notice, according to the Lifetime User Rate graph, that the work done continues to accrue within a short period of time from when the work was originally allocated.
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