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Thread: Now a predominantly PrimeGrid project?

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    Now a predominantly PrimeGrid project?

    It looks to me like the majority of the work contribution to Seventeen or bust is now coming from the PrimeGrid project. While sieve has been dominated by primegrid for the past couple of years now PRP testing through primegrid has overtaken users of both the old client and new prime95 client.

    I'm basing this judgement on the stats pages found here: and here:

    Which show that the number of pending tests on the traditional clients is 1951 vs 2126 in progress at primegrid.

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    Wow, that's interesting. Most people at Primegrid don't seem to like crunching SoB due to the long (and sometimes error-prone) tasks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt View Post
    Which show that the number of pending tests on the traditional clients is 1951 vs 2126 in progress at primegrid.
    I'm not sure if the SoB stats show double check work. If not, then SoB is still doing the bulk of the first pass work. PrimeGrid is doing full double checks. Therefore, the "in progress" needs to be divided in half. 1951 vs 1063 is more realistic.

    While PG may be completing more "overall" work, SoB is still advancing first pass tests at just under a 2 to 1 ratio.

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    I think SoB do include double check tests in their pending test count too. If you look at the graphs for each K there is a kink in the graph for double check and then it goes vertical at the first pass section. The pending tests for each K then add up to the total for the pending tests.

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    Almost 7 months later, SoB has crept up to 2191 tests, but PrimeGrid has fallen by almost half to 1165... I wonder why?

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    As mentioned before, the decline in PrimeGrid participation is likely due to the long tasks. Why would folks want to run a single test for a week when the workunits of other PrimeGrid projects take 30 minutes a pop? Personally, I support SoB still because it is one of the few prime-number-finding projects with an actual end goal.

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    Was just a bit bored and looked and decided to try and figure out what our BOINC brothers out there are doing.

    Comparing the two sites that I now also see that Matt posted before me gives a pretty good idea about who is doing what at the moment:
    BOINC stats
    SOB legacy stats
    looks like the BOINC client at the moment has something 2/3 of the tests pending that the legacy client has ... these numbers may be somewhat biased in a comparison due to the differnet ranges the two clients are working on.

    I myself had a BOINC client running for a while on my work laptop, but got tired of it not producing optimally compared to the newest versions of mprime, so switched over to the legacy client so all my computers now again are running mprime 26.6

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