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Thread: File layout

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    File layout

    I'm toying with the idea of doing some stats and/or graphical representations based on the results files that we send back to you. My plan is to do some work simply using my own results at first, and only if I think it's useful and/or interesting to try to make it more generally available. To do this I'd need the file layout of the results file. Could I get this or is it proprietary?


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    Howard will probably want to keep the layout and data format of that file as secret as possible so that we don't have any stats cheats.

    It only has 1 protein - the best of the 5k (default) or (1-10k if you changed the default) you folded.

    If you want to keep track of the RMS of every protein you fold for a particular protein, you could ask for a new switch to create such a file.

    (although you'd have to have it broke up into manageable chunks to pull into any database/spreadsheet).

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    analyzing and computing statistics on the structures uploaded is our job, not yours. If you have anything particular in mind that you want to know, or you think would be useful to try, we may have already done it, or we may try it if we think it could be useful so go ahead and tell us what you had in mind.
    Howard Feldman

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