I see there is a SeventeenOrBust board under "Hosted Forums" and another oner under "Distributed Computing Projects." I originally posted on the other board, but it looks like all the real work happens on this one.

We have a small home network that uses the freeware AnalogX Proxy Server to connect all of us to the internet. Has anyone gotten SoB to work through this?

I've tried setting the server to sb.pns.net and sbp.pns.net, and setting the port to 22, 80, 1717, and 6588.

The United Devices client works fine with our setup, but their configuration has a setting for https proxy. It even picked up port 6588 automatically. But their program doesn't support multiprocessors. Two of our machines are multiprocessors, so I am trying to run SoB on the other processors of these machines.