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Thread: Constellation opens on Yuri's Night

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    Constellation opens on Yuri's Night

    Constellation opens on Yuri's Night - Docking ports open and airlocks ready for space rendezvous

    Today is the 50th anniversary of the first manned spaceflight. On April 12th, 1961 soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was the first human to reach outer space when completed an orbit of the Earth onboard the Vostok 1 spacecraft. This historic event is celebrated on several events around the earth under the name "Yuri's Night" since 2001.

    This important cornerstone in the history of spaceflight not only inspired generations of children to become spacepioneers, but also inspired our Constellation project and we want to celebrate this event by opening our project to the public.
    It's our honour and pleasure to invite you to join our community, to discuss aerospace related topics and perhaps to start your own sub-project in our forum and to support scientific research by donating idle CPU time to our platform from this special day on.

    Constellation will start with TrackJack application that will optimize trajectories of space-launchers and spacecrafts. The first task is to find the optimum thrustcurve for HyEnD (Hybrid Engine Development), a student group at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. HyEnD is developing a hybrid propellant sounding rocket and is an official DGLR (German Aerospace Society) young-academics group and optimizing the thrust-level is supposed to increase the maximum flight altitude.

    TrackJack is a Java application and supports Windows 32 & 64 Bit, Linux 32 & 64 Bit and MacOS 32 Bit in automatic download and FreeBSD 32 & 64 Bit as manual installation. More operating systems are planned.

    As every space programme Constellation couldn't be realized without help.
    We want to thank the DGLR-Stuttgart (german aerospace society) to be an official academic student team at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.
    We want to thank e.V. in Marburg, Germany, the world-wide first voluntary association with purpose to advocate distributed computing, for pieces of advice and funding.
    And we want to thank e.V. in Stuttgart for beeing our server hoster.
    We are really standing on shoulders of so many giants.

    We invite you to be part of Constellation's distributed computing space race and we reccommend to join a Yuri's Night event in your area!
    We salute to Yuri and all space pioneers who came before and after him who made this dream possible. Distributed computing for human kind!

    About Constellation:

    Constellation is a platform for different aerospace related projects that need intensive computational power. The platform supports the efforts of participating projects by providing Distributed Computation capability using
    BOINC. Constellation will send work-units of attached projects to volunteering, idle PCs where the units are processed. The combined power of all volunteering users will help to solve important scientific tasks in fields from astronomy to aerospace-engineering beginning from student up to university projects. The bottom line is to benefit from the generosity of the volunteers and to benefit from the accumulation of different projects, like sharing programming knowledge in distributed computing andinfluencing the others' simulation by its own solutions. The platform is an open space for anyone, who is an air and space enthusiast and wants to donate idle computing time or even skill for a sub-project on platform.
    Applications for sub-project are welcome!

    About Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin:
    Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin was a Soviet Cosmonaut born 9th march 1934 in Klushino (RUS).
    He was the first man in space.
    1960 he and 19 other pilots selected for the Soviet space program.
    Gagarin and Gherman Titov selected out of the 20 pilots after a training and physical characteristic-tests.
    Gagarin (1.57meters) and Titov were short and that was perfect for the small Vostok cockpit.
    In an anonymously vote under the 20 pilots (Which other candidate they would like to see as the first man in space), only 3 didn’t chose Gagarin.
    On 12th April 1961 he flew with the Spaceship “Vostok 1” and orbited earth it in 108 minutes.
    He died in a jet-crash on 27th March 1968, but the cause is uncertain. YouTube-video
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    Trackjack is back with lots of work. (Condensed version of above.)
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    Link to project - Constellation@Home

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    Here is a fair warning. Credit is very low. On a Q6600, a WU takes about 8 hours to complete and only receives about 120 credits. That only works out to about 1400 credits a day for a Quad.
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    19 primes found. The largest: 1351*2^617684+1 (185945 digits)

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