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Thread: No keyboard installed or keyboard error...

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    No keyboard installed or keyboard error...

    So I'm trying to get my old Dual Xeon rig up and running again. The main hard drive was failing awhile back and I stopped using it. I swapped it out for a new one and was going to do a fresh install of Windows. When I turned on the computer the power supply popped loudly and shot a huge spark out of the back. Oops. That failed. So I traded out power supplies for a known working one. I turned the computer on and it posted, but then threw out an error saying "No keyboard installed or keyboard error". I've tried 4 different keyboards, including a USB one, all with no luck. Did something maybe happen when the power supply failed? Is there anything I should try?

    Also, one other note, the power supply I have only has a 4 and 6 pin connector coming out from it to go to the mobo. The PC-DL seems to need an 8 pin. I put the 6 in and it wouldn't turn on. I put the 4 pin in on the right hand side of the 8 pin and it turned on. I'm wondering if this connector has something to do with maybe why the keyboard isn't working?

    If the port is bad then oh well I guess. I was just trying to get an old system up and running so my g/f could use it since her motherboard died recently on her old computer.

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    Old MB did fail like that at times
    Try booting without a hard drive and see what happens
    Also re-seat your mem sticks
    Check that old HD on a new board as a slave and scandisk it
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    A dramatic PS failure like that will a lot of times take the MB with it. You probably need the 8 pin connector from the PS since the MB has that kind of connector. You didn't give the model so I can't check on that. Try to borrow a correct PS from someone to test it. Before you try it reset the BIOS to factory settings using the jumper that is usually located by the battery.
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    Thanks guys! I'll try those things and see if it helps.


    PC-DL Deluxe. I forgot the Deluxe part I think in my original post, but that's the mobo.
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