Were it not for BOINC, i'd have this up and running from scratch in a few hours..... I did this 'stand alone' on a GTX 260 over 2 years ago......

Now, it's all different. The names (ATI Stream APP, OpenCL, CAL, etc) change daily with AMD/ATI.... and the proprietary drivers are not something to trust given the uninstaller is NOT reliable from AMD and I can't even find one from nVidia.

I got both working in Windows, but Linux is just head & shoulders faster as we all know. 44 hrs on CPU windows app for boinc == 21 hours (or less) on FC-14 (Both are 64 bit OS's)

I run the 10.10 CAL driver in win 7 pro... which helps, but Linux will outrun the 4 processors (3 cpu + 1 GPU) on just 3 cpus without the gpu.... So HOW DO I GET THE GPU UP?

Anyone have a known good set of tools to get for at least the AMD/ATI Radeon 5000 HD ???? I'm running the 10.10 CAL version in win-7.
The nVidia would be nice (9800M GT) as well..... I'm no windows geek so translating from Win -> Linux isn't easy...... a byproduct of my job requirements... NO windows, just Linux & embedded.

Have some nice automation scripts for BOINC I can trade which I'm now putting into program form for both Linux and Windows. I'll trade what I have, but know FDC gets the works when I get them done & tested over the next couple weeks.... These scripts run, so far, in every linux distro we've tried.... performance boost & automation cleanup makes boinc a 'start & forget' app to run... you only have to tell it when you add a new project (which is also about to be automated).. It will be 100% 'point & shoot' very shortly.

Thanks in advance,