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Thread: Exploiting more RAM?

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    Exploiting more RAM?


    RAM being so cheap these days, I now have a ton. Most computer-heads I know have at least 512 MB (in their computers, that is, not their heads---I often wonder about the latter).

    Folding's optional "-rt" parameter lets it use an extra 100 MB, but that seems conservative now. How about letting users decide how much to release?

    Of course you don't want people forking over 200 MB on a 256-MB machine running Win XP. Folding's authors could include a brief RAM-delegation guide before mentioning the "-rt" option, and Folding could automatically reserve a minimum amount for the system (maybe it already does). Whaddaya think?

    Cheers, Ander

    "We are no longer consumed with the acquisition of wealth. We work to better ourselves and our world." --Jean Luc Picard
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