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Thread: Error with -bench (running benchmark)

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    Error with -bench (running benchmark)

    E:\DF\distribfold>foldtrajlite -bench
    [NULL_Caption] FATAL ERROR: [067:001] FindPath failed in LoadDict

    Any ideas?
    TeAm Anandtech Distributed Computing

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    Evidently you need .\ in front of the command now.

    Like this for Windoze:

    E:\DF\distribfold>.\foldtrajlite -bench

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    That did it, thanks Angus
    TeAm Anandtech Distributed Computing

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    This has been added to the readme for future, I forgot to mention it. Unfortunately this 'bug' is in a 3rd party library and cannot be easily fixed so you must indeed use the .\ before the command for it to work.
    Howard Feldman

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