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    Lightbulb Just a suggestion

    In the Boinc forum there are a lot of sub forums. Maybe they should be divided into sub catagories such as active, inert and dead. Some of the sub forums haven't had a post since 2006. Do we still need the forums for dead projects? It seems to me it would just confuse people that are new to Boinc.

    Could we take the RSS feeds from active projects and put them into a news sub forum for individual projects? The Boinc news forum works but it would seem that it would be easier for the users to find out news about projects they are interested in if it was in that projects forum. Of course this means a forum for each active project would need to be created.
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    All of this can be done and I'm certainly not opposed to it at all. I'm out of town on business next week, so I'll have a look and do some of it.

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    I'll have a look see too..
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