Well looks like we relatively smoothly transitioned to the new client. I see nearly a hundred active folders already so the update must be working... Please post any problems/bugs you may find in the bug tracking section of the forum, but seems to be working OK in most cases so far anyways or I would have heard about it already I'm sure.

Please note that while all stats have been zeroed, we have saved the final phase 1 totals and will have some funky way for you to view these (and possibly add them to your phase 2 totals optionally) in the near future.

We have also disabled the beta server for now so please stop running the beta client if you haven't already. And thanks once again to everyone who helped beta test, you have been an immense help. Note the beta client will NOT auto-update to anything so you need to manually erase/replace it.

We will be posting an FAQ on the web site for phase II shortly, which will explain the new scoring, and we'll also add some info about the algorithm itself for those who don't know about it yet.

Lastly, although the thermometer still reads 10 billion, I'm not sure how fast we'll move on this so we're aiming to do this first protein for about a month - we'll adjust the thermometer shortly once we get an estimate of where we'll be in a month's time.

Happy Folding.