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Thread: Are you having problems with the new client?

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    Question Are you having problems with the new client?

    I'm just curious as to how many people are having problems with the client.

    I've had a few, but am waiting patiently for Howard et al to correct them.

    Please link to this thread at your various team forums so we can get a decent response.
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    Yes, the only problem I'm having is with the memory taking up to 275MB of ram. The only way to resolve this is to restart the client. This is on WindowsXP SP1, dfGUI 3.01 and a fresh install of the client.

    BTW, I'm on TeamAnandtech.

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    Mine are posted in the hosted forum.
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    I'm only having trouble on one particular system that runs 8 copies of the client on a quad - Xenon- Hyperthreaded system. All the clients abort over the span of a few hours with various and sundry error messages. Often they log no error message at all - their CPU utilization just drops to zero, and they do nothing until the process is killed and restarted. Sometimes the processes just flat out disappear, leaving behind a .lock file, and an empty error log.

    A varied assortment of curious errors afflicts all the clients that run on that box.

    If I wasn't fairly certain that the PC2700 DDR (which is ECC and registered) on the system was OK, I'd think I had some sort of faulty memory problem....
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    I have found that the batch runs better than the service. Better at starting up, if the server is not there because of a powercut, or whatever.

    I run the service off line then use the batch file to upload. Seems okay like that. When the next change comes about i will leave the batch file running then swap to the service when the new client is running okay.

    Anyone know how long this one is running for?

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    Of the 10-16 machines I have running dF at the moment (haven't tracked down all the ones that stopped running because of the -s setting.. ) I've had two complain about memory issues when running with dfGUI 3.0; and 2 systems that crashed with no errors that I can report. (Blue Screen of Death on a Win98 machine; "has produced an illegal operation - would you like to send M$ a report?" on winXP. More testing to see if the problems are pinpointable.

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    Thus far I haven't had problems. I run the screen-saver version of DF on WinXP, fully service packed and updated. It seems to hang when starting occasionally, but I was attributing that to sending batch info to the main server.
    My kids like the 3D structures, so I won't be switching to the text client anytime soon.
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