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Thread: Crashing again

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    Crashing again

    It's crashing again ... and again ... and again. There is nothing in the error log. When I don't run DF, my computer doesn't crash. When I do, it eventually does and usually at least once a day. Maybe this still has something to do with Microsoft. Maybe not.

    Win2000, AMD 2400+, 256 RAM, 80 giga hard drive, cable modem connection with ZoneAlarm

    While I would like to help out this project, I think I'll soon start looking for another one to help if this one continues to cause such problems. Sorry.

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    Have you run memtest86 on this box overnight ever? DF uses memory (and CPU, for that matter...) quite a lot more extensively than normal usage does, so if any one of your processor, bus, or memory is marginal, you may not see anything happen until that processor or bus or memory starts to get used...

    And sorry if this has been done already, but I don't remember...

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    Yup, it was done.

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    What's the temperature reading?

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    I don't recall specifically, but a computer friend of mine that did said the temperature was just fine.

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    Although your computer crashing may seem to correlate with the client running, this is extremely unlikely. No one else is experiencing hard crashes (that we know of). It is likely either faulty hardware or some flaky driver you have installed. Try not running the client for a week or more and see if your computer stays crash free. I highly doubt it will if this is the case.
    Howard Feldman

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    Im Sorry but i#ve got the same problem.
    My System:

    AMD 2000+
    512 MB
    2 x 40 GB
    WinXP Prof

    Since Im using the new version, df keeps crashing all the time and over one night it has to be restarted by the gui about 300 times.
    And it also keeps crashing the pc once or twice a day. (The screen freezes, the sound stops, and the only thing that helps is hard reset)

    PS: My stats dont get updated!!!! Im in "csb" team and others have the same prob!


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    It is highly unlikely to be the DF client, since so many run it with so few problems.

    Have you tried running the Prime95 Torture Test or the CPU Stability test

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    Since Im using the new version, df keeps crashing all the time and over one night it has to be restarted by the gui about 300 times.
    a few months ago i had a similar problem. i turned off the restart option on dfgui. i believe the problem was the generation time was longer than the set amount of time for dfgui to restart inactive client.

    couple of weeks ago two of my windows boxes were crashing alot- i was getting the message'foldtrajlite has encountered an error and needs to close' it was very hot then and i was not leaving AC on all the time. so it may have been a heat problem. i also reformatted hd and reinstalled os.

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