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Thread: ECC2 Stats

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    ECC2 Stats

    Just a note to those who didn't know, I have ecc2 stats processing every 6 hours available at

    I would like it if people would take a look and send feature requests/bug reports to, if you all would like to. I've been told good things about them, so just let me know.

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    I use them all the time...

    The graphs are very helpful to find out when nodes have gone AWOL or the network is playing up...

    The only thing I would find helpful is if you could show all users not just team users in the Potential Conquests and Potential Threats windows on the "Detailed User Production" page (Maybe colour them differently). This is handy if you are trying to climb in the overall user stats you can see how much progress you are making...

    Keep up the good work.

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    DP did you got a stats of ecc2-109 somewhere in backup? Love to see them imported in free-dc completed projects database. also wondering how much I make in my team Ukraine?
    wbr, Me. Dead J. Dona \

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