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Thread: DF telling me I can't fold coz of BAD RAM chips

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    DF telling me I can't fold coz of BAD RAM chips

    Never saw this before.... I'll try re-installing it.

    ==[ Aug 19, 2003 11:29 AM ]==
    FATAL ERROR: [023.024] {trajtools.c, line 2507} RLEUnPack failed, size=15598, should=400*153 - likely this is caused by overclocked or faulty RAM chips, please test your RAM

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    after a new install everything seems to be working now. Just posting in case someone wanted to know.

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    Well, this error message simply means that the client wasn´t abl to read/write data of/to the RAM. This can be caused by temperature problems, overclocked RAM chips or to less RAM. Are you having trouble with system crashs ? How much RAM do you have ? (Did you set the -rt switch ?)
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    I have 256 x 3 PC100 ram but even after a hard boot still got the error but after a new install everything was fine. I'm suspecting that the filelist.txt got buggy or something.

    I know it's old ram but hey I'm holding in my hands a package of 1 Gig of Kingston HyperX PC3500 : )
    things are gona update soon.

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    Just to be on the safe side. Try running memtest-86
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    I had the same error message and also couldn't find any faults in my RAM.
    New install solved all problems for me also, I'm also blaming a corrupt file.

    running smoothly for about 10 days now(happend with new client)
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