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Thread: Hello matey peeps!

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    Originally posted by mr_mann
    no but really i wouldnt mind being his adopted son
    I'm not gready Illegitaate son would do me but he'd need to be a bit older than he is. Unless he really is the AntiChrist.

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    im only 17 i want to be his son!

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    Originally posted by mr_mann
    im only 17 i want to be his son!
    I'm not 17 but I'm open to the idea of him adoptimg mature children

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    We will all move in to the bill gates mansion...

    as hes extended familar, and use lots of Micro$oft $$$ to up Free-DC in all project areas.

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    I just wanna sqaunder Dear old Dad's millions

    Please please Daddy Bill buy me a football club. Any one will do, just got to be called Dover Athletic is all I ask.

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