We humbly ask for your opinion if you would take part in a distributed sensor array and help science, if you have to buy the needed hardware for it.

After watching the video "Monitoring the Spectrum: Building Your Own Distributed RF Scanner Array" by Andrew Reiter [30c3], I really liked his idea and contacted him. I asked him if he thinks he could use Constellation for it and he was very positive about it. So now we both would like to know if YOU are also interested in it in particular and in sensor arrays in general. This will give us a small overview what we have to keep in mind during possible preparations.

Sensor arrays with BOINC are nothing new. For example there is Quake Catcher Network where you can be part by plugging small accelerometers to your PC and help detect nearby earth quake tremors. So in case we would ask you to help in a similar science objectives, what do you do? To give you an idea, watch the bottom linked video!

Click here for the online poll!

Thank your for taking your time and vote. And please tell your friends and share the vote!

Andreas and Andrew