Collatz say:

Slowly Getting Back Online
If you haven't already done so, go ahead and abort any Collatz work units you have in your cache. Yes, even the ones that are complete. The disk corruption was such that the file system (workunits and result files) did not match the database so I had to cancel all of them so the system can be in sync when it comes back online.

Since the project was already down due to a major disk failure, I have taken the opportunity to make some additional changes to the Collatz infrastructure and software including:

The network speed has been increased.
The firewall has been upgraded.
New application versions will be released.
The server operating system, database, and BOINC software are all at the latest versions.
OpenCL CPU applications will be added.

There are still a large number of tasks to be completed before Collatz comes back online. At minimum, it will be another week. Thanks for your patience.
29 Jan 2014, 18:05:39 UTC