I have a Dell OptiPlex 760 with a G210 NVidia video card installed. I has 2 cpus with a new to me cpu chip for about 4% gaming improvement (estimated based on review). The dual cpu runs at slightly over 3Mhz.

This system munches through basic seti work units at about 1 / 4.5 hours / cpu. The gpu is about that fast too. Because this is a slimline case the ability to upgrade the gpu is limited to half-height cards. I have seen one half height card with 94 cuda/cores. The one it has is running 16 cuda/cores.

It has been 2nd most productive machine. Why am I selling it? I have replaced it with a Xeon with a GTX 750 Ti and an A10 5700. So it has become one more source of heat. So it needs a good home.

Since it has a 345 GB hard disk on it this is a perfectly good home office PC that can run Seti or whatever when it is not in use.

You will need to buy an external USB DVD drive for it. My attempt to replace the dvd drive failed. And I have lost interest. I am getting ready to post this system on e-bay in the next couple of days.

Tom Miller