I have a HP Compaq dx2200 that is going through an upgrade. As soon as the new cpu arrives to go with the already installed new Dvd drive this box will be a great(er) home office and/or Seti cruncher. The upgrade is a 3Mhz dual cpu the fastest processor that HP officially lists for this pc.

It has been in service crunching Seti since (I think) 2006. It has the highest number of units crunched of any PC I own. But its rate of crunching is surprisingly low for a 3Mhz cpu. The upgrade on the cpu cost $14 plus s/h. Waiting on the mail now.

This pc actually now has a Dvd drive as well as the original Cd-rom drive and a 3" floppy drive installed. Has 80GB hard disk. Like the other workhorse this is running Windows 7 Starter.

It will be going up on e-bay after I get the cpu upgrade.

Tom Miller