I suggest making a new MM that is the combined total of all Trigggls, Boks, Teraboks, Gibsons, and Bozos that a cruncher has. In a not so modest way, I suggest calling it a Werinbert.

Also when I was looking through the various Bok-type milestones I noticed that there was not one, or at least I could not find it, for 1,000,000,000 to 1,010,000,000 range. Although the only cruncher that would currently achieve this would be mikey with 2 (based on my crude research). If one does not exist, may I suggest that it be called a Yates after the statistician Frank Yates. (My other suggestion would be Gonzo after the Muppets character.) This, of course, would need to be added to the Werinberts as well.