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Thread: Just poking my head in to say hey

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    Smile Just poking my head in to say hey

    I've been DC'ing for over a year now, 7 months with Ars and have no intention of leaving. But after lurking for 6 months, I finally registered and posted my first post with Ars. As I am a Smack Fu Master In Training among Centurions and Praetorians over there I just wanted to come over here and say hey, giving me a registration date of Dec 2001. So a year from now I'll have a registration date saying I was there from the beginning. No newbie smack for me

    Seriously, good luck in your ventures and I'll be seeing you here and hopefully still around at Ars.


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    Thanks JaxHasher! I think you'll really enjoy your time at Ars, I certainly have. It's a great place to be. Feel free to come hang out with us as well anytime!

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