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Thread: distributed folding@64 bit

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    distributed folding@64 bit

    Buongiorno all of u guys!

    ...I was just wondering if there is already a project od developing a client for the 64bit technology. Anyone has got any idea?

    And... tell me, what is a poll? I mean... I could post a poll. But... what's that, man?


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    There are already a number of 64-bit clients since it is not exactly new

    FWIW, I tried the Solaris 64-bit and it was slower than the 32-bit Solaris version and that was on a SunFire 6800!

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    A poll is a way of asking a bunch of people over here about their opinion on a certain subject.

    An example of a poll could be:


    Are you looking forward to a 64-bit client?

    a. No. I don't have any 64 bit machines
    b. Yes and make it snappy!
    c. No. I'm afraid the results will be disappointing


    Then we can all vote and we will know how people think about your question
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    Capisco, capisco, thanks!!

    ... I'm still in doubt about the 64bit. I didn't explain me well!
    I was thinking about the new cpus of amd, which are working@64 bit. I don't think they will be slower than a 32 bit... why should they? If it happens the client isn't "written" well!!

    Or the 64 bit aren't that important in folding... but I don't think so. 64bit should show advantages on every application!I'm wrong?

    buona notte!!

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    The Solaris 64-bit client "proves" that it isn't always better. Of course it could just be badly written but the point of 64-bit vs. 32-bit is that bigger does not guarantee improved performance.

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    Here is a link to an article that compares the speed of 32-bit and 64-bit code and explains some of the reasons why some 32-bit code is faster.

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