So, I took guru's and speedraider's advice and bought a i5 4690. Except when it arrived it was a 4590. That's what I get for dealing with a minor name, it was through's website. I've always liked newegg, but this reseller lied about the cpu.

Anyway, it was pretty close in performance, so I set it up and ran it. It's a Dell, runs nice, very quiet, too quiet. Running prime95 with 4 cores at 100%, it's doing high 30s ms/iteration. My i5 2400 is low 20s ms/iteration, my athlon II x645 is high 40s. This i5 4590 should be high teens.

I put the win 7 performance settings all to high, I tried speedstep and turboboost off and on. No difference. cpuid hwmonitor and openhardwaremonitor both look normal, except the temps are way low for 100% load, AND the cpu is running at about 40 watts. Should be over 80. The fans are running, but slowly. On boot the cpu fan does speed up for a moment, so I don't think it's faulty. If it were it would heat up, I'd think. Here's what it looks like with both monitor programs. Any ideas?

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