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Thread: Additional information for team index

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    Additional information for team index

    As you may recall, the new website featured an upgrade to the team pages - any non-producing members are not displayed on the page. This has now been enhanced by specifying on the team index page, how many members are registered and how many members are producing for each team. This is also available for the PhaseI+PhaseII setup.

    This should give teams incentive to poke all their non-producing members
    Elena Garderman

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    How do you find the non-producing members? For the team I am on it says '40 members, 30 producing' - where are those 10 non-producing members shown...?

    Also, producing seems a bit misleading as out of those 30 only 24 have actively produced for the current protein at the moment - the rest are inactive...

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    The non-producing members are simply not displayed, as it is clear that they are no longer participating in the project (at least for the time being). If you are interested in their Phase I results, you can always view the team page under PhaseI+II setup.

    As for producing for the current protein - since some people have a tendency to come and go every few proteins, we felt that it would be more fair to define "producing" as all inclusive for phase II.
    Elena Garderman

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