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Thread: New Client Executables

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    New Client Executables

    ...are posted on the Downloads page.

    The changes in the client are:
    - fixed "cannot set co-ordinates" error
    - added recovery behaviour when running out of disk space
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    so can we simply take out the old .exe file and insert the new.

    Or do we need a fresh install for it?

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    Will these "fixes" auto-update..?
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    You can just grab the EXE and copy it over if you've got the latest version already running, no need to restart anything. The fixes will be included next time we change proteins in the auto-update as well.
    Howard Feldman

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    Originally posted by Brian the Fist
    no need to restart anything.
    Unless you want to actually use the new code, or you're running Windows. Windows won't let you overwrite a file while it's running (it will let you rename it, though... which is weird), and Unix file semantics mean that until the process is restarted, the old code is what's running in memory.

    But I know what you meant: that you don't have to start over at gen 0.
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    Have been running for about 10 hours with new client version on five boxens - all seems to be fine, and error logs are becoming boring!

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    When it come to error logs, we like boring!
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